“A consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence guilt and shame.”

Welcome to the
Modern Sexual Revolution.

About Kaz Riley

Founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

Kaz Riley has been working in the field of hypnosis for Sexual Freedom and Sexual Dysfunction for over 16 years. Described by her peers as "an internationally known trainer - renowned for her skill in this complex and controversial area, and  like a breath of fresh air".  She teaches the Sexual Freedom Hypnosis programme worldwide and is sought after globally by clients, who are looking for judgement free help with sexual issues.

Experience and Professionalism

 With years of experience, Kaz will assess you and create a individual recovery plan that's right for you . She understands the importance of educating you and providing the tools to give you the most effective ways to take care of your body, mind, sensuality and sexuality so that you can heal quickly and move forward. Kaz always recommends that you see your doctor to rule out a physical cause before working with hypnosis.

A Modern Approach to Sexual Happiness

 Kaz will help you overcome, sexual dysfunction, low libido, heal after relationship issues, improve sexual confidence and communication. She works across the full spectrum of sexual preferences and tastes. Providing a safe and judgement free space, so issues can be discussed openly and frankly in the absence of guilt and shame. 


Kaz talks about sexual freedom on the virtual chapter with Michael Watson and Karen Hand-Harper

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Kaz Riley on Ines Simpson's Hypnosis everywhere on voice America with Greg Beckett (Part two)

Kaz Riley talking about working with Libido at Hypnothoughts Live 2018. The worlds biggest hypnosis conference.

Kink friendly hypnotherapy at Hypnothoughts live 2017, the 1st time this was presented in the USA.